Bright Colourful Socks by MINGA BERLIN - Fair and Organic - Shop Now!Bright Colourful Socks by MINGA BERLIN - Fair and Organic - Shop Now!

Introducing Island Escape: MINGA BERLIN’s New Collection of Socks

In 2015 we live a connected lifestyle; our worlds are ruled by our presence online and by our gadgets. In the new MINGA BERLIN collection we were inspired by the idea of taking a step back, a deep breath, and relaxing. Even while living your urban lifestyle, these breezy blues, beachy greens, cool corals, and sunny yellows will take you away from the office and into the sunshine, like you’re sunbathing in Paradise. Bright, but soothing tones paired with both classic and modern patterns, these socks are a daydream stitched together to make a truely vacation worthy collection that celebrates the idea that every day can be Sunday in a new and fresh way.

If your life is already colorful enough, we now also offer monochrome socks, in single color and black. These 9 new socks feature a twist of a complementing color on the seam, and are available as NOS collection (never out of stock).

As we celebrate a cool and relaxed lifestyle, you can rest easy knowing MINGA BERLIN’s socks have been manufactured in Europe under strict quality, social, and environmental standards. The yarn is spun and dyed in Italy and Germany, then sent to Portugal to be knitted. We have been improving our quality nonstop to make sure you get the best socks available.

Our new collection contains no polymide! The socks are 97% organic cotton and 3% elastane. We have switched over to mercerized cotton (GOTS certified, of course), which means the socks keep their shape even after washing, will not pill, and have a much more breathable feel.

Treat yourself to that much needed vacation, and let MINGA BERLIN get you in the right state of mind.