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Buy Nothing Day

As a radical public statement against consumerism, Buy Nothing Day was formed. At MINGA BERLIN we are also believers in the consume less lifestyle. So as a salute to this practice, we urge you to take part in the 24 hour lockdown of all consuming habits on Friday November 28th.

Remember, just because you aren’t out shopping and living up the luxe lifestyle, doesn’t mean you can’t have fun.

5 Ways to Have A Great Day Without Buying Anything

Have a Clothing Swap

Invite some friends over and have them bring clothes they don’t wear/want anymore. Put all the clothes in one room and have everyone shop in everyone else’s closets! Clothes don’t have to be new if they’re new to you. A fun and eco friendly way to gain some new items for your wardrobe.

Call Your Best Friend

Or your Mom, or that person you’ve been meaning to catch up with, but never have the time. There’s nothing quite like speaking with someone you’ve been missing and hearing about things happening in someone else’s life. It’s these little things that will really make you smile.

Play a Sport in the Park

Grab that frisbee or soccorball that’s been so lonely since summertime and get moving so the nearest grassy area with some buddies. It won’t even seem that cold after you start running around, and afterward you’ll feel energised.

Have a Dance Party

Whether you’re alone in your bedroom or hanging with some friends, sometimes you just need to have a little release. Put on that magical playlist that you can’t help but bob your head to and dance your heart out.

Take a Photo Walk

Grab your camera (or your mobile phone) and hit the streets. It’s easy to pass beauty every day without even noticing, so take a stroll in your neighborhood or somewhere you’ve never been before and snap some photos of your extraordinary expierience.

Have an Amazing Day!